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Print Marketing: Santa Fe Photographic Workshops


Between 2008-2010, refine and standardize the brand on all marketing materials for Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and evaluate options of reaching new prospects beyond the heavy reliance on direct mail. 


Owned and executed strategy to refine creative direction and editorial content to reflect more experiential marketing. Managed key stakeholders, designers, copywriters, and printers in producing a collection of brochures, sell sheets, catalogs, templates, and ads for trade publications. Coordinated with internal team and print vendors on list management, inventories, press checks, and drop ship needs. Shifted reliance on traditional print methods to online channels, including online ads, SEO, and overhauling the user experience on the website for the course offerings.


Reduced annual production and mailing costs by 40%

Produced a portfolio of marketing materials that reflected the immersive workshop experience on a more experiential level .


Seasonal brochure  (700k PDF)

Bi-annual course catalog  (6mb PDF)

Travel workshop  (200k PDF)

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