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Event Production


In 2009, the city of Santa Fe was planning a 400th anniversary celebration that would attract national media attention and 25,000 attendees. It was an excellent opportunity to host an exhibit during the kickoff weekend to leverage national and local exposure.


Collaborating with commercial photographers, I conceptualized a 20x20 wild-west themed photo booth, providing professional quality prints within minutes of visitors' individual shots. Although this event was not planned in the budget, I cultivated relationships with event producers, local vendors, and corporate partners to enable CEO to sign off on concept with a $2,000 budget. I engaged key staff to help develop and execute concept, acquired local sponsorships for props, incorporated HP partner presence, and managed photographer and volunteer participation for the two-day event. 


Delivered on budget and offset 85% expenses by acquiring in-kind donations, sponsorships, and staff volunteers.

Featured in multiple local articles, the attendee response was so successful that lines formed around the booth both days, requiring multiple supply runs. 

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