Portals for National Climate Leadership Program


In 2013-15, translate a newly funded strategic initiative into an online platform for national leaders to engage their constituents on climate solutions where they work, live, learn, pray, and play.


Operating in a start-up environment at ecoAmerica, managed five websites from development through launch. Collaborated with sales directors, marketing team, and C-level stakeholders - working in parallel to define the product offering and program. Effort extended to creating processes and systems to deliver the project docs, user flows, wireframes, design, mobile UX, content, email, testing, and analytics. Owned the relationships and negotiations with digital technology vendor and design agency, seeking improvements with each successive site launch. Led the RFP process for an organization-wide Salesforce rollout and owned Drupal integration.


Achieved multiple funder deadlines, including four website releases in eight months, providing the springboard to attain $3MM funding in early 2015.

Reduced expenses and time to market by 25% and 50% on successive sites.


Solution Generation

Climate for Health

Path to Positive Communities

Blessed Tomorrow

America Knows How

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